Affidavit of Small Estate Limits by State

When leaving assets to your survivors, you may think that your estate is too large for your heirs to take advantage of Small Estate laws. In some states, if the value of your assets is larger than the Small Estate dollar limit, your heirs may be able to go other routes to avoid or shorten the probate process.

You have to plan in advance and research your state’s laws because there is a good chance that your estate may qualify for Small Estate status. In some states, assets may be listed as different types of property or, even, omitted in the process. A little due diligence and research may save your survivors money and time during probate.

Every state has a dollar limit on Small Estates. Some are actually fairly high. And, for others, the amount is very low. Below is a list of the states that have the highest and lowest dollar limits on Small Estates:

Highest Small Estate Limits:

1. Oregon – $275,000
2. Wyoming, Oklahoma – $150,000
3. California, Nevada, West Virginia, Washington, Ohio, Iowa, Illinois, Idaho, Hawaii, Arkansas – $100,000

Lowest Small Estate Limits:

1. Georgia, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Vermont – $10,000
2. Alaska, Kentucky, Michigan, Rhode Island – $15,000
3. Maine, New Jersey, North Carolina – $20,000

Small Estate Limits by State

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